Giveaway Campaigns

25 million businesses. 800 million monthly active users. These numbers make Instagram stand out in the saturated social media marketplace.

What does this mean for you, as a business owner? Whether you are a service provider or a company with physical products, you need to be on Instagram. But more than that, you need to learn how to use Instagram effectively.

Pairing the power of Instagram with the effectiveness of online giveaways is one of the best ways to excite, engage, and influence your online audience. During the campaign it’s mandatory for entrants to follow your account, providing you with the perfect opportunity to gain followers and post interesting content to attract consumers to your website. 

Many companies get overwhelmed the details of creating an Instagram giveaway, but luckily you can rely on us to facilitate the entire process from start to finish. We have a successful track record of hosting giveaways, and yours is only an email away.

A giveaway campaign typically runs for 7 to 10 days and we run promotional content up to and for the duration of the campaign period to generate maximum interest. All giveaway packages include a video consultation, product photography, administration and age verification. If your business is a service or your products are to large for giveaway promotions, we can recommend prizes and even provide prizes at an additional fee. We recommend 2 to 4 giveaways per year to attract new customers and keep your existing followers engaged.

All giveaways are hosted on the @veryboozy Instagram Page. 


Giveaway Packages

  • Stock Package

    1 Giveaway

    £100 + prize

  • Premium Package

    2 Giveaways

    £180 + prize

  • Top Shelf Package

    4 Giveaways

    £350 + prize

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